What is Web 2.0?

The companies who provide network services is responsible for sending out the information through the web site, it is not only supply the demand for readers, they also should provide readers can respond their own content views to express, otherwise, it is only a completely one-way to express their opinions. Therefore, several people began to think about how to make the Internet world be more attractive, and also allow the public society accept it. Obviously, the concept of Web 2.0 has been proposed by those people’s idea or a company. In 2004, the originally concept of Web 2.0 has come from O’Reilly; basically, the purpose is to break the previous ecology, so that everyone has a platform to exchange ideas and opinions, it is not only belong to the company has the authority to comment something on the web sites.

The main concept of Web 2.0 is about interaction and sharing, all of the networks are available to interactive and sharing; therefore, no one invents the Web 2.0, and it is an evolution came from Web 1.0. Web 2.0 is a new internet term nowadays; it can makes people to understand the current World Wide Web condition, moreover, Web 2.0 is not a technical standard; it contains technical architectures and applications. The main characteristic of Web 2.0 is to encourage the use of information sharing, and make resources diversity. In addition, the most powerful company that intervenes in this era is Google. They invented a technical dot that can automatically check if other person’s website has been updating for any new contents recently, so that they can updating their search engine databases up to the newest. As a result, the main purpose of web 2.0 is to sharing any information through by the websites, and not tries to be self-fish when using networks.

The first of Web idea is Web 1.0, basically, Web 1.0 is not uploaded very often of static HTML web pages; the reason of “.com” became successful is that it relies on more dynamic Web which refers to Web1.5; furthermore, CMS (content management system) can change the contents of information database to the dynamic HTML pages.

Finally, web 2.0 is the most popular website for people to share different kind of information and also personal opinion, for instance, AJAX which standards for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, RSS which is Really Simply Syndication, Mashup, LAMP which is Linux Apache MySQL PHP, P2P for Peer to Peer and the last is Flash. Those technical applications are useful and should be sharing to everyone who is using Internet.




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4 thoughts on “What is Web 2.0?

  1. Wow ~ This is the first time I see this word – web 2.0 . I haven’t known this word before I found this webpage blog. I think that web2.0 is a good concept, people can share their opinions. It can improve the contribution and interaction with people,not just one-sided. That’s great!!!

    • Thanks,Brenda. I’m glad that you have learnt something new outside the uni…
      That’s true Web2.0 can really help with people in sharing different ideas!!
      How good is it?!!!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for explaining the idea of Web 2.0 to me clearly.
    I think the living style of people in developed areas is now entirely based on the existence of Web 2.0 – we exchange ideas, share everyday lives and follow updates from the internet everyday. The services have also been greatly enhanced by the prelavance of smartphones and tablets.

    • That’s ok. So glad that you understood the Web2.0.
      That’s why people can easily share information throughout the internet or by prevalence of smartphones and also tablets.
      Internet is not just for getting information,it has been for sharing, discussing, and providing more people’s ideas. 🙂

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