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Companies interested in Web 2.0 can involve in existing online platforms or investing in indoor Web 2.0 platforms for either internal or external use. According to McAfee, A (2010), he defined that Enterprise 2.0 as self-organising social software platforms that are used in-house or between companies and their partners or customers; therefore, the decisive innovative element is that this spontaneous networked communication between users through Web 2.0 applications causes new, unplanned structures to appear over time. This decentralised and interactive knowledge production is predicated on the participation of users and the production of content by the users which O’Reilly calls the underlying principle ―harnessing collective intelligence.


As a survey conducted by Forrester Research Inc. illustrates a good 40% of the companies approached are using up to three Web 2.0 applications either internally or externally. In addition, Web 2.0 platforms may be deployed within the company to improve processes, foster collaboration and generally encourage knowledge exchanges. For example, the use of YouTube or Facebook for marketing purposes would not fall under the heading Enterprise 2.0. However, the presentation of videos on file sharing platforms or a profile in Facebook represent new communication channels and new ways of addressing customers; as a result, an increasing number of companies are attempting to use these media to establish contact with customers and introduce them to their products, services or other activities.


Here is the example of adidas company establishes the contact with customers on social media:


Adidas Facebook Sneakers, an Internet concept design with enormous number of people that are using Facebook.




How successful has Web 2.0 been in companies?


A Web 2.0 tool is a further application made available to employees and customers. As a researched by McKinsey study, one sign of favourable internal Web 2.0 projects is partly that they maintain a strict focus on utility for the individual employee and therefore can be well integrated by the employees into existing processes.







Furthermore, the commitment of the company management or of the relevant managers to the use of Web 2.0 tools plays a key role in their success. In fact, the actual use of social media by employees is still limited. The most important factor for the lack of their use is that nearly 60% of the employees do not recognise the benefits of the tools offered for their daily work.




Finally, no matter the companies’ use of any Web 2.0 tools, it is officially the most common use for customers to get familiar with. Blogs, forums, or social websites are helpful as dialogue-style tools in order to generate ideas in the framework of innovation processes or to discuss user problems during the implementation of IT projects.



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3 thoughts on “Enterprise 2.0 – adidas

  1. Hey 😀
    Thanks for sharing these 2 examples and your article is quite informative.
    It would be better if there’s more details or outcome addressed about how Adidas benefits from deploying enterprise2.0 since the actual result will be more convincing.

    Awesome job! 😀
    Looking forward to ur upcoming post 😀

    • thank you for your recommend, i will improve it next time. however, i think Adidas has interacted with Facebook, blogs, and YouTube video obviously. and how they impact on wide rang of society to become their significant fans:) if i do have time, i will try to post another blog about more detail in Adidas with 2.0 sites. thanks again, anyway.:)

  2. Nice post! Those video and graphics are impressive to demonstrate how Adidas use web 2.0 to publicity their products more efficient than the way they used to do. Hope this tech would bring more convenience for the customer as well

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