Have you heard about “Micro-Blogging” in your life? It’s actually a blogging activity, but it allows users to do more activities like exchange several contents such as short sentences status, individual images, and video links etc. Micro-blogging platform Twitter indicates that people are increasing rapidly to use Twitter at anytime and anywhere, and conversational digital interactivity; therefore, micro-blogging for collaboration and communication have a very positive effect on how employees interact with another and develop their professional capabilities and relationships. A survey shows that a business implements micro-blogging can promote real-time networking and enhance idea change and productivity; it also can enhance the workplace environment by allowing employees to update between each other with providing mutual support or guidance.

Enterprise micro-blogging can lead to faster of problem solving when employees iterate much more quickly, information can be more easily and naturally exchanged; moreover, it helps significantly to cut down email clutter, since short updates can be blogged rather than emailed. As a result, micro-blogging can provide a variety of business benefits within an enterprise; it’s indispensible for business purposes, several examples have been provided for enterprise micro-blogging use cases:

  • Sharing status updates among work groups
  • Informing employees of urgent developments
  • Gathering input on a business problem
  • Getting quick answers to a customer question
  • Obtaining real-time feedback on product, service, and feature ideas
  • Providing live coverage of company meetings, executive presentation, and other events
  • Notifying co-workers of completed tasks
  • Training colleagues on the fly
  • Mentoring new employees
  • Creating weekly status reports
  • Managing projects (reporting status, highlighting achieved milestones, updating deadlines, etc.)
  • Locating internal experts

Then I will provide a micro-blogging case study, which is about Enterprise-NewsGator social site.

NewsGator provides social and collaborative computing software that utilizes enterprise 2.0 and government 2.0 technologies, its flagship product line, social sites, integrates with SharePoint. Furthermore, NewsGator social site adds micro-blogging to its already impressive networking features that integrate directly with Microsoft SharePoint 2010, it designs specifically for enterprise use and adopt the security protocols and user access rights of existing SharePoint implementation.

The features of micro-blogging in NewsGator social site:

  • Provide “Twitter-like” micro-blogging capabilities within SharePoint.
  • Use micro-blogging features to comment on other SharePoint activity such as document uploads, blog posts, or wiki contributions.
  • View a list of colleagues that are ‘following’ your micro-blogging activity.
  • Integrate with social network updates from Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc.
  • Upload photos and videos to your status update via mobile, desktop, or portal
  • Search across all micro-blogging activity including status, comments and events using keywords or hashtags.
  • View a global conversations page that provides an overall timeline for the status activity across the organization.
  • Employ hashtags to easily classify and discover status updates with a topic area.

Finally, micro-blogging implements many benefits for enterprise use, such as lower costs by avoiding investment in maintenance, increase employees use micro-blogging to integrating, reduce email volume, and increase the speed of problem-solving.

So, what else you can think about micro-blogging that benefits in enterprise? 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Microblogging-NewsGator

  1. Great Post! good list of benefits of micro-blogging within companies and businesses, you’ve pretty much covered all the major ones! which is a good reason for business’s to jump on the band wagon and implemented some sort of internal blogging activity because there’s many advantages in adopting Enterprise 2.0, which I would think out ways most of the negatives and is worth the risk in some cases 🙂

  2. thank you. there are many reasons for business on implementing internal blogging, i agree with you it exists both positive and negative sides. but it still been widely adopted in many organizations, maybe because its the most convince way to them. 🙂

  3. Hey Tiffany,
    I agree with you how micro-blogging brings benefits to our life, people can easily share their daily without posting a whole paragraph, short and powerful posting is more attractive. Good example on NewsGator, I have known a new social sites by your introducing. you explained the NewsGator features very deeply, well done.

    Lance Teng

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