WIKI-Brisbane Airport

Here is another week for blogging exercise, the main topic for this week focus on “Wiki”. I assume that everyone knows about Wikipedia, but do you know what’s this come from? Yeah, it comes from Wiki. Wiki is the simplest online database that allows any users to add, modify, and delete its content, it’s a piece of server software can be done on any Web browser. It also supports hyperlinks and has simple text syntax for creating new pages and crosslinks between pages.

Let’s make it more clearly by a video, it introduces easily by camping example. Enjoy it, because the speaker is quite hilarious.

Therefore, according to the video, “edit”, “link” and “save” are just so simple to let everyone to use it. And there are some wiki websites, such as Wikipedia, Wikispaces, and Wetpaint…etc. I think the most popular one is “Wikipedia”, so I’m going to talk about Brisbane Airport as my organization from Wikipedia.

On Wikipedia, Brisbane airport has been presented briefly by many users, and it classified into many sections; for instance, history, terminals, airlines and destinations, transport, development projects, operations, traffic and statistics, accidents incidents, notes, see also, and references. Each of them has been modified by different users from variety resources, and Brisbane airport can obtain the information from those users to improve the environment or equipment. However, if the information is unsuitable or unreliable resources such as flying detail, other user can edit the pages in order to provide the most appropriate and correct information to everyone. The best thing about Wikipedia is convenience, for example, a person is doing history of Brisbane airport, he/she does not need to go to every websites; due to Wikipedia is a platform that everyone combines the work together in the same place, and also resources have linked with reference. It’s all share together to global, and supports by number of languages. How good is that, isn’t it?

In addition, before we contribute information on websites, there are several strategies for wiki:

  1. Determine goals
  2. Develop a technology plan
  3. Make expectations and rationale clear
  4. Create a framework for the wiki
  5. Static webpage
  6. Introduce wiki in class
  7. Connect learners
  8. Model wiki use in class
  9. Motivate learners to adopt wiki practices
  10. Knowledge base
  11. Adapt tools and processes
  12. Collaborate actively
  13. Foster feedback
  14. Evaluate the wiki’s usefulness
  15. Community of practice

Transfer to diagram:

So, can you think more about strategies for wiki communities?:)


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9 thoughts on “WIKI-Brisbane Airport

  1. Hey Tiffany, excellent blog post, oh the video doesnt play here but only on youtube.

    But yeah Wikis are a great way for organizations to determine goals, plan ideas, manage projects. In Brisbane airports case, it is great to see that they have their own wikipedia page with all their history, destinations etc.

    Potentially it could also be used for customers to provide feedback?

    • Hi Andy, thank you for left a comment for me.
      yeah~i tried to fix up YouTube, but I have no idea whats wrong with that…im sorry>_<

      definitely agree with you that Wikis are such a good method for any of organizations to benefit their business, and also i think they use for providing feedback for customers. It does help if other customers have same situation, better than sending by email in privacy. Share all together might save the time or cost for enterprise.

      Cheers 🙂

  2. Thanks for introducing the ideas of Wiki to me. The video is really great.

    I always thought Wiki refers to Wikipedia only but not until today I know that it is actually a way to socialize on any webpage. So I realized Facebook and Google Docs also use Wiki.

    • Hi Antonia,
      thats good you have learnt something from my blog. and eventually, wiki also refers to many web pages; i think because Wikipedia is the most popular one, so that everyone has that though!! 🙂

  3. Hi Tiff,
    I often use Wikipedia very much, because it helps me a lot in searching!!!
    they classify into many sections, in order to make it easier to read…just like what you said about Brisbane airport, it covers history, airlines…etc. well done!!

    • Hey Michelle, thanks for comment…yes!!everyone uses Wikipedia very much, its a good place to get inforamtion, right?! btw, Brisbane airport just an example, maybe you can look it up for others and share with me.

  4. Hello Tiff,
    Thanks for your sharing.
    It can help many people to notice wiki communities.
    I thought that wiki plays a important role in our lives.
    When we go to every where ,we can see its shadow. ^^

  5. Hi TIffany, great blog! I like the extensive list of strategies you mentioned. I agree that all these goals need to be determined from the outset, to make sure the wiki is successful and improves the overall internal workflow in the organisation. You raised a lot of great points. Thanks.

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