10 thoughts on “Social Network-KLM Royal Dutch Airline

  1. Hi Andy
    I think KLM is a sucessful case that utilized effectively social media, and further plan integrate into more social networks.This led to gain benefits from it such as a better reputation.Nice post.kiki^^

  2. Hey Tiffany, good post on KLM and how they use social media to create reputation, service and commerce. Interestingly this was the first time i saw the video and found it funny at first where you can see who the person you could potentially sit with on a fligh with KLM!

    By unveiling this Meet and Seat project, it no doubt gave KLM reputation all over the world as seen on the video (USA, Korea etc) brining in huge brand awareness and taking the step to use social media for set selection! We could potentially see his more in the future on other airlines.

    • thank you for your replying 🙂
      yeah~its a great success to use social media for booking system, and strongly agree with you if other airlines would discover this service in the further. it might be a really hommization system to everyone. 🙂

  3. Hey Andy,

    Nice blog, really enjoyed the step by step demo, But I feel that it may have some security flaw’s about payment or is that handled by a outside destination

    • thanks for the replied 🙂
      yes! they might have security problem about payment, but i dont think they would let it happen. and KLM has been released since 2009, i think they have great and strong protecting system in booking area. 🙂

  4. It’s a good post for intruducing how KLM effected on the socail network. during your post, i can get some ideas that a good enterprise system have to based on the social network and attratced with the people who want to use it.

  5. Andy

    Thanks for taking the time to show us the process of what the KLM booking system looks like. It really is impressive the amount of work they have gone through to get something like that happening.

    do you think the system is easy enough to use for non-digital natives? do you think that the internet is coming to a point where everyone must have a facebook account to take advantage of such tools like the trip planner?

    would love to know what you think

    have a read of my blog and comment, http://www.taylorian.com


    • Hey,David. thank you for the comment…
      year~i think its a bit hard for non-digital natives to use social media for booking service, but i think they can get help from airline, for example, they can call or they can send mails to the airline organization. Also, I think its not necessary for everyone having Facebook account or even twitter; the reason why KLM discovered this service with social media, due to the increase of amount people are using those social media, its more than people reading in mail or even email…i believe KLM still keeps the traditional way to help people who are non-digital natives; but KLM tries to make a convenience and easy way for people who use Facebook or twitter more than reading mails….:)

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