“Software above the level of a single device”

This week we focus on another pattern which is “Software above the level of a single device” in Tim O’Reilly’s 6th pattern. This refers to software is not only supported by single device, it also can be supply on multiple devices such as smartphones, and tablet computers. According to Dave Stutz, he mentions that “Useful software written above the level of the single device will command high margins for a long time to come”; therefore, any software and applications designed for PC has evolved into support on multiple devices in order to increase massive customers to accept it, and make people’s life easily to connect each other. However there are many software and application design for PC and smartphones, we are going to talk about Skype and MSN Messenger.

The main purpose of Skype is to connect people. It was designed on PC for everyone for signing up free, and people from over the world can connect through many different ways. Members can connect through one or two audio, one or two way video for free; moreover, members can call any telephone around the world through this costs money. After Skype has become so popular, and multiple devices have turning into universal in people’s life; for instance, smartphones assist many applications in order to attract more people to use it, therefore, Skype is not only designed for PC, it also supports on smartphones such as iPhone with iOS system and other smartphones with Android system.


On the other hand, MSN Messenger is an application that people can connect to people by instant messaging and videoing which is similar to Skype. But the difference is that Skype can make phone direct to local line and mobile phone in any countries, which MSN Messenger does not support it. Furthermore, MSN Messenger owned by Microsoft and was original work on PC with Windows platform, it has turning to work on any laptop system and smartphones to service more customers to use it.


Overall, we expect the areas of web 2.0 has greatest change, as more and more devices are connected to the new platform. This is why software can not only support on only single device, it must consider on software or applications can be used on multiple devices.


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