“Personal 2.0 Strategies”

Blogging has been used for people in nowadays; it is an activity that people write an article then post it on the internet. So, why do people like to write a blog? According to Watrous, L (2009), she indicated that there are many reasons attracting people to write blog, for instance, just for fun, inform and make money, easy to connect with others, or share different personal background knowledge. However, the purpose of my blog is sharing the information between Web 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 with some examples to introduce.

Besides, I used to have a blog in my own language for few years; it was about my personal diary, memorize my life every day. Although it is a personal blog, I keep writing with some strategies until now.

  1. Post Regularly: Post an article every 3 or 4 days. The more regularly post, and then it is more popularity of the blog will be shown on the search engines.
  2. Post In-Depth: Do a long post twice a week or even once a week, and have shorter posts in the rest of the time. If the post is long and full of information that almost always makes it better than a short post. First, it contains more keywords and probably helps your search engine listings. Second, it contains more information that might lead others to different parts of your blog if you are linking correctly. And finally, a long post just gives you more space in which to connect with your reader.
  3. Connect with the Readers: It is important to write for the readers by including actual content and not just sentence after sentence stuffed with keywords, it still have to engage them. If the contest interesting but written in a wholly uninteresting way, readers are not going to be that thrilled. Therefore, just write in a manner like you speak. Besides, make sure you write for those real people who will be reading the post, not just for the search engine spiders.

Here is the example for a successful blog, “a crayon’s life”. It is a blog for sharing the owner’s experience on web design, interested books, personal trips, and personal emotion … etc. I recommend it because she designs her blog precisely with colours match, pictures and the appearance. She presents the strategies that I have, post regularly with every 4 days each week; post the depth article with lots of searching; and also keeps connecting with the readers which are demonstrated clearly.



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Crayon’s Life Blog