“Harnessing Collective Intelligence”

One of the most significant reason that Web 2.0 has been more popular and everyone keeping on it is Harnessing Collective Intelligence. So what is “Harnessing Collective Intelligence” pattern in Web 2.0?

ImageBasically, Harnessing Collective Intelligence is to collect people’s opinions and ideas to share on the web; no one is the director or the only ownership of the websites, so that people can interact together; that’s why the data has been more widely and it has evolving into global databases. What’s more, an element has been created throughout the web is called “Blog”. Blog is a place where bloggers can post ideas and leave comments, and more can be used for education environment or personal and even business area such as Google: PageRank, eBay, and now the most well-known Wikipedia.



Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia based on the unlikelyImage notion that an entry can be added by any web user, and edited by any other user. Therefore, anyone can provide any data and sharing with every person on the world, even though it might be incorrect; but somehow people share it!!! The foundation of Wikipedia is mutual trust and the nature of creative content.






ImageFinally, “Harnessing Collective Intelligence” is one of the main patterns in Web2.0 and it is all about user-contribution on the websites in order to domain in Web2.0 era.


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